Robert Dallas

“I’m concerned about these town hall meeting disruptions, due to the fact that we are not able to come to any conclusions. I suggest be patient; listen to what the speaker has to say; digest that; see if that applies to their lifestyle and go forward.”

Kenneth Hill

“My comment is there are 44 million people in America without health insurance. America is the richest country in the world and it’s my belief that the richest country in the world should have a universal health care plan for all of its citizens.”

Ben Montgomery

“Well, I don’t like how the protesters are depicting the president as Hitler. At the same time, this country is built on democracy and people do have a right to express their own opinion. However, I don’t agree with the disruptions and people showing up with weapons and things like that.”

Wilbert Cook

“All the disruptions that are going on are totally unnecessary, even in a democracy. You’re able to give your opinion, but some of them have gone to fanaticism, and really, they want to maintain the status quo. I believe it is a ploy by those who have economic advantage in keeping the current system in place¡ªwho could not care less about poor struggling folks, the disable, or the elderly. They are all about the profit motive. But sometimes capitalism needs to have compassion, and I think that is what the Obama health care plan is.”

Roy Young

“I think that the program Obama got is a good one. A lot of people are against it but there so many people out here without health insurance and don’t have a way to get any. The jobs are laying everybody off. Without his program a lot of people will be left out in the cold. And there is no place else for them to go; the free hospitals are not going to be able to take care of everybody, so you’re going to have to or rely on the government. It’s going to come down to the plan Obama has and try to get everybody on the bandwagon with him.”

Mike Sims

“I think people don’t really understand what he is doing. People are just jumping on the bandwagon with all this hate stuff trying to disrupt the plan. But there are a lot of people out here that need health insurance, and many who can’t get any because of preexisting conditions. This is one of the things he has included. “