Keep our areas free from drugs

Austin has been the center of drug dealing in all of Illinois for decades. Many people come hundreds of miles to get drugs, like heroin and cocaine. Narrowing down to the suburban area of Chicago, many clients of the drug dealers go to the McDonalds’ parking lot on Madison Street to get drugs; this restaurant is located in Oak Park across the street from a police station.

There are no ways to solve this problem completely. Yet, it is possible to reduce such issues in a neighborhood. Please read the following tips carefully.

First and foremost, if there is suspicious behavior, call the police immediately. If there is drug dealing in the neighborhood, remember that drug dealers look for areas that are unclean. In that case, keep the dealers out of the neighborhood and pick up trash.

Any neighborhood can also create a block club. Have monthly meetings to work out issues about the drug dealing problem.

Make sure that all the street lights on the block are bright and working. This will help the area stay safe.

There are some warnings. Drug dealers can be dangerous people. If a resident of your neighborhood does talk to them, he or she should not threaten them because something bad could happen.

If the resident threatens to call the police, he or she could get badly hurt or even killed. When the people talk to the drug dealer they should be friendly and make sure that they are in a public place.

I live in a neighborhood with a lot of drug dealing. Because we have a block club that meets monthly, this secures our area. I feel much safer because we call the police when any suspicious behavior is in progress.

Arthur Loder, 11

My taste buds are tingling

I hope he finds an investor to help open the store [A home for his cupcakes, Sept. 3]. The cupcake flavors mentioned in the article would entice me.

Tim Arnold
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Bartering is good for Austin

This is an incredible article [Back to bartering, Aug. 27]. We have recently opened a business, Austin Barter Exchange. I was so encouraged to see bartering being promoted in Austin.

Jennifer Sheavly
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An inspiring story and person

I am inspired by Darius and encouraged by his determination. God be with you in the endeavor. You will go far with your positive attitude.

Sondra Frank
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Guns help protect families

If you put two-and-two together and figure out that when armed aggressors know they will be fired back upon by responsible, armed, law-abiding citizens, then it’s a good chance that they may think twice before committing their usual heinous acts [Shootings rampant despite gun ban, Aug. 27].

Wake up people and realize that the second amendment is here for us good folks. Make it your responsibility to protect your family and self, and get rid of those in office who do not represent your constitutional rights.

Jack Zunino
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