Rowland Austin

“I would like to see Dorothy Brown. Dorothy Brown’s background as an attorney and an accountant would be instrumental toward managing Cook County’s affairs. I think that is very important. Danny Davis is a good person; I need him in Congress and President Obama needs him.”

Sy Bounds

“I would like to see Todd (Stroger) remain. I think he is a very intelligent guy. They try not to give him credit for that, but the man is intelligent, capable; he needs to remain. He’s been there and I just think he is the guy. I’m not a machine person or anything like that, but it’s obvious we should back him; that is my opinion. I’m not really a political person per se, but he is the one we should back.”

Rev. Sirchester Jackson

“Well, not to endorse one person over another, but I understand Congressman Davis is running. Ald. Tony Preckwinkle is running and some other qualified people. So I look forward to the future and seeing how they represent themselves, and seeing what issues they want to cover.”

Marseil Jackson

“I would like Danny Davis because he is a man of dignity and honor. Cong. Davis has been serving our community for many years and has done a great job.”

Chester Gray II

“I would say Cong. Danny Davis because of the things he has done around the community. And the other two candidates may have some good backgrounds, but my personal opinion; I would say Cong. Davis because I know more of what he has done.”

Linda Grant

“I would like to see Cong. Davis. I believe he is a great person and he has done a lot for the community. I just moved into the community and people in this community also say he has done great things. I don’t know a lot about the other candidates.”