Morgan Jones, 10

“I would ask him to come to our school and to give us some more money for more books and supplies.”

Charlie Myers, 10

“I would ask: Mr. President, if you had any other job what would it be? And I hope you will come to our school sometime.”

Christopher O’Neil, 13

“I would ask how he and his family cope with all the controversy dealing with the media. And how does he keep his children protected from the media.”

Erica Wade, 11

“I would ask the president if he could give any advice as to how he became so successful; being a senator and being the president.”

Serina Hughes, 10

“I would ask the president why did he choose to be president and what inspired him, and what was the hardest thing he had to do since becoming president.”

DeShawn Henning, 14

“I would ask: did he have cold feet with the inaugural and all the speaking? And how does he keep his kids away from all the publicity and the media going after them?”