George Hayes

“The type of activities I do to stay healthy –  and I just started – is I run three times a week. I’ve started out kind of slow; not running too far, but I’ve started to do it. As for children’s diet, they should stay away from the oils and saturated fats, and definitely sugar. A child does not need all that. The type of restaurants I would like to see open up is Mediterranean. I ate at one recently and it was more vegetables and less meat. I really enjoyed that experience.”

Derrick Rogers

“I try to exercise, play basketball and eat a healthy diet. Advice I would give for children would be protein, plenty of milk and juice. Restaurants I would like to see are more establishments that show how many calorie intakes you have; a basic nutrition restaurant, something where you could see what a 2000 calorie diet would provide.”


Darnell Mayfield

“I would say exercise, playing sports, eating less fast foods and things without saturated fats; and more fruits and vegetables. I like to run sometimes, play volleyball, and go to the gym. Parents need to watch their children’s weight, make sure they get exercise, and limit fast foods. I would like to see restaurants offering more healthy foods.”

Tony Gamble

“I like to play basketball; I workout maybe two or three times per week. The advice I could give young children is to get out – exercise, run around, and not sit watching TV or playing videogames all day. When you do that, you’re not only damaging the mind, but you are weakening the body. So, just be active in sports or just having fun. I would actually like to see two types of restaurants I would like to see a soul food restaurant where it is healthier. Vegetables are a very important part of growing up and keeping us healthy.”

Eric R. Fritz

“I just like to stay active. I like to run, bike, and swim. For children’s diets, eat a lot of lean proteins, carbohydrates. Try to stick to the low glycerin ones, [and] not eat a lot of sugar, processed foods and things like that. As far as restaurants are concerned, I would like to see more diners; a diner that is open 24 hours.”

William Burnett

“I do a lot of walking, and I play sports like football and basketball. For the children, stay active and stay away from a lot of fast foods, a lot of fatty foods, [and] trans-fats. And candy is not good for them. They need fruits and vegetables; fruits give them a natural sweet. The type of restaurant I would like to be a part of is any kind of upscale restaurant that serves the kind of food that I have learned to cook here at Oliver’s Culinary Kitchen. I would be greatly appreciative to do this. Before becoming a student here I actually thought I knew how to cook, but Oliver’s Kitchen taught me that I didn’t know anything about cooking.”