Kiddieland is worth saving

Arlene, where there’s a will, there’s a way [Cook County board – yes, you can save Kiddieland, July 9, Arlene Jones]. And, your proposal makes sense. Relocating Kiddieland is a worthwhile venture and it should be done.

There are no old-style parks left for kids anymore. This should be preserved. It is my wish that with a move, the iconic Kiddieland signpost will be given its due, and can be placed in a safe zone where it can be enjoyed by all. I’d love for it to be designed with an added balcony for families to stand higher, nearer the Kiddieland logo. It would be wonderful to have a forest setting for this signpost as well.

Vickie Perkins
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Rethinking Kiddieland good for environment

That sounds like a great idea. I would like to have someone check on the environmental and ecological impact on using a forest preserve. The last thing anyone would want is to have massive flooding because it was built on a natural flood plain, or some other issue.

I would also like to see what, if any, impact there would be for the system to have pavement and extra waste coming from that area. But if the ecology is sound it could be a really great idea.

Lisa Kuban
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Protest, don’t disrupt health care debate

I used to protest former President Bush and his policies, as well as say some pretty evil things about him [What do you think about the disruptions critics are causing at town hall meetings over President Obama’s health care plan?, Streetbeat, Aug. 27].

All of this “tea party” stuff and disruptions at the town hall meetings has caused me to rethink a lot of that. I honestly think these people are a bit uneducated and being misled, from what I see, when they are further questioned about what their objections are to the plan. The true basis of it is that they are uncomfortable with a democratic, and specifically, “of color,” president. They are grasping at straws for any reason to dislike Obama and his policies.

No thinking individual could possibly find fault with reforming the current system of healthcare availability. It truly is a sad state of affairs for this country, and I do believe people like Glen Beck should be held accountable for incitement to violence.

Laura Schofield
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Austin schools not providing enough for my kids

I would like to comment on the high school for Austin [Austin Polytech looking for students, Sept. 17]. I am a mother of three high school-aged children, all of whom go out of the neighborhood for school.

I looked into the schools in the old Austin high building but they only accept freshmen and do not have all of the additional activities that my boys wanted – sports, clubs, etc. I think a high school at the Brach site is the best thing to do, and I appreciate Westside Health Advocacy in fighting for our kids to have a high school in our own neighborhood.

Carolyn Swift
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I will never forget my cousin, Jamillah

Jamillah was 36 years old and a single mom that took good care of her two teenage kids [Fatal crash at Austin/Ike, Sept. 16]. It’s a shame that my cousin had to leave here the way she did. Just because she wasn’t wearing a helmet; it wasn’t her fault. Riding was one of the things she loved doing on her off days.

I’m a rider too. Drivers don’t respect motorcycle riders. I know she’s looking down on us with a smile on her face and saying out loud, “Keep your head up and dry your eyes ’cause I don’t want anymore crying. Let’s do this, cousin.” She will always be remembered.

Valencia Smith
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Remembering a good friend

To my beloved friend, you will be missed [Khalid Johnson remembered for his leadership and smile, Sept. 17]. Khalid was very involved in making sure that not only the Austin community, but all black communities and children had the opportunity of being everything or anything. I am grateful to have had him be a part of me life – WE LUV U MAN.

Chris Adams
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