Angel Mitchell

“The way I feel about the 2016 Olympics and Chicago not receiving it; it would have been a good contribution to Chicago. So since we didn’t get it, I’m kind of sad, but OK, maybe next time.”

Pamela Hunt

“I was elated when I got the news, because I don’t believe Chicago was prepared. I was very concerned that Mayor Daley would not have administered contracts fairly, that the city was going to be responsible for the tax, and the taxpayers would have to pay for overruns. Look at the overruns from Millennium Park and the current nightmare with the parking meters, whereby the cost is outrageous. I feel as though our administration is corrupt, and I’m happy for Rio De Janeiro. I was very excited for Brazil and South America to have an opportunity to host the Olympics.”

Anna Moseley

“Well, I think it’s too bad they didn’t get it but, either way, I think it would have been good for us to get it for the city. But now that we don’t have this opportunity I’m hoping the committee and city people, including the mayor, take responsibility to deal with the business we need to finish, especially with the kids getting kill. I’m hoping they can turn those resources around and help with the economics of the city the parking meter issues, economy, jobs. And that is what I hope everybody will turn their attention back on; what we need to do for the city.”

Clarence Thomas

“I thought the Olympics would have been a nice opportunity. It would have created a number of opportunities for the city of Chicago. However, it was not my priority in this last week or two with the tragedies that occurred in our community, particularly two instances that happened to our youth one on the South Side at Fenger High School, where the kid was beaten to death, and then the two young cousins that were killed while sitting on their grandmother’s porch. One young man had only come home from the University of Illinois for a short visit; the other young man, who was also quite smart, was already taking college courses before graduating. I was more devastated with the loss of those young persons than the Olympics. I would now like to see the Olympics not on the agenda. If we can put the kind of intensity and focus into addressing those kinds of problems that we are faced with on a daily basis, I would like to see the Mayor come home and give that some thought.

Matt Norris

“I’m fine that we are not getting it. I think that money should be spent on education.”