KenfTe Kizer

“Motivational speaking is a job Ifm considering right now as a career and profession. Ifm working in this field on an everyday basis, mentoring youth throughout Chicago and abroad. This is a job that has found me motivational speaking. If I can reach just one young person, I will feel my motivational speaking is not in vain. More young people speaking to young people can help bridge the generational gaps and address the youth crime we are witnessing.”

Cercelin Jones

“I enjoy external affairs, working with the public in all facets.”

Gerard Moorer

“Well, Ifm currently working in the political arena and this is a job I attempted to try and it has been great for me. Politics is a job I am doing now and I like it. I am president of the 7th Congressional District Young Democrats and that particular organization goes into the community and tries to rid the community of violence. We have been doing a great job trying to do that, so politics is job that I appreciate, on behalf of Congressman Davis who has been a wonderful mentor.”

Fred Davis

“I’ve tried every job there is and donft need to try any more. I work with kids, I teach them tennis, and I work with Cong. Danny Davis.”

Marceau Mitchell

“I would like for my next profession to be an aldermanic candidate. I want to run for alderman in the city of Chicago. I do have a ward in mind, but I would not like to say at this time.”

Jarvis Brantley

“I would like to be an entrepreneur in public service. Wefve got to help people because people need help, so that is what I would like to do. As an entrepreneur, maybe I could put young people to work and this could help in steering young people away from crime. When you have a job, your self worth and sense of purpose change.”

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