Tuesday marked the one year anniversary of President Barack Obama’s election – what changes have you seen from his presidency?

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Woodrow Taylor

Well, I’ve seen black people in the White House for a change, and that is a big change. I’ve seen a lot of work that he’s trying to get done, as far including minorities in his plan, as well as the majority. He seems to always include some minorities no matter what he does. That is one of the biggest changes that I’ve seen; I have never seen that before.

Calvin Lighthall

The changes that I’ve seen is a community more embraced because we now have a black president. But the challenges I see ahead is a president that has to unravel and separate the democracy that took place from our past presidency. I see the banks in trouble. I see people losing their homes, and this is a trend that will not be taken care of overnight, or will it be solve within a year or two. Then you see corporations folding because they cannot hire people. It seems to me a trend President Bush established was [outsourcing] jobs. America use to be an export country, now we export nothing and we import everything.

Elce Redmond

I think the debate on health care has been really good. Unfortunately, I think they should have went for a single-payer health care. But I think a public option will be good as well. The health care debate has been the biggest change I’ve seen. I think what the Obama administration should do more of is push for a national jobs program.

Frank Love

He was riding extremely high in terms of the attitude of the electors and today it appears to me he has a lot of haters. There are those who seem to tear down every little thing he tries to put together. But overall, I think the president is doing a wonderful job. I think he is committed to all the projects that he has undertaken at this time, and I foresee, as time goes on, things are going to improve. He is going to implement policies that will improve the conditions of the American people.

Sam Long

First of all, I’ve seen the morale of the people being lifted. I’ve seen a lot more pride in the African-American community and the Hispanic community, and I would include the white community. I think that is very important. He was left with a huge debt, both nationally and internationally. I think that he has addressed that, and it is not a quick fix. It is going to take time for things to be resolved. The incentive and stimulus plan are a great first step and I look forward to continued success.

Bob Vondrasek

It’s a night-and-day difference from the previous administration. The Bush administration was the ‘Dark Knight;’ the Obama administration is a breath of fresh air. He inherited horrific problems – the Iran and Afghanistan war, financial crises, to the health issues. There are so many things that are out there, but given all that, I would say he is doing a pretty good job. I guess dearest to our hearts is doing more on the job issue, something like the Jimmy Carter jobs programs: CEDA programs in the late ’70s early ’80s. We’ve got to have some type of public option on jobs; some additional creativity that would help the foreclosure problem.