New Galilee Baptist Church, 431 N. Laramie

Margie Thomas

“The most important thing in my life is having Christ in my life, and the love of life. And I am blessed with health, family and I was the wife to my husband for 49 years before he passed away. And I lost my only child in 1965; she was 28 years of age. I’ve been the mother of the church for over 30 years. For services in this church for 25 years – I did not miss a Sunday.”

Alice Patrick

“Most important thing in my life is Jesus Christ. I’ve been here at New Galilee for 50 years. I was married to my husband for 56 years, and now he is gone on, and I’m still here hanging around doing whatever God wants me to do.”

Erma Dandridge

“Trying to serve Jesus Christ and trying to help folks. I love to try and help folks. This is most important to me.”

Martha Johnson

“I put Jesus first and family second.

Elaine Davis

“Most important in my life I love Jesus and I love my family, and my New Galilee church members. “

Ada Patrick

“Jesus Christ is the most important, and the next my family and being around everyone here at the church. We always have a good time; my church family as well as my family is most important.”

Roberta Carter

“Jesus – who died on the cross for me and for all of us, and all our sins. And I love my New Galilee church and my personal family.

Elizabeth Williams

“Most important is Jesus, my family and helping people.”

Sylvia Jackson

“Most important is being true to God and trying my best to strive and do my best, because I know without God I would never get there. Just being a servant for God and helping others

Carol Cummings

“My family, God, and helping others.”

Rosie L. McCary

“Most important thing in my life is our Lord and savior Jesus Christ; he is the head of everything I do. My family is very important, and, every Sunday morning I do breakfast for the Sunday School.”

Betty Cummings

“Most important is God first, helping the community, and giving back to others.”

Bernice Tate

“Ever since I got to know God, he is first in my life. Without him I would be lost – I’m, glad I found him.”

Fannie Orange

“Having a relationship with God and having my family.