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Tamara Lynch

“For me, the most important thing: I just recently won a poetry slam and I came in first place. I won $150, along with a guaranteed job at any McDonald’s of my choice. The disappointment is seeing homelessness, and especially during the holiday season. A lot of people get stuck on material things and never really think about the true meaning of Christmas.

Malcolm Crawford

The most significant is getting into sixth grade math even though I’m only in the fifth grade. Disappointment is that I didn’t realize sixth grade math would be harder. Also, significant is that I am doing well with my guitar playing. I have been playing for three years and I did a performance at my guitar music center, Dorolyn Music Academy, located in Oak Park.”

Kendra Walsh

“The most significant for me was the passing of my step-father, Lamell Earl Carter Sr. The disappointment was his passing. We were sad at the time, but it also made us stronger and opened a lot of new doors for me and my family. The job situation is certainly a disappointment. I’m just getting into the job market because I’m 18 and getting ready to go to college. I’m hoping to get into Bethune-Cookman (College) in Florida.”

Brian Glover

“Most significant for me was my grandmother (Betty Stanfield) surviving brain surgery. She is doing good now and she got all her memory back. Disappointment was my father having a stroke; he is doing better and starting to get feeling back on the left side of his body.”

Samara Lynch

“The most significant thing that happened to me this year was when I received my acceptance letter to Robert Morris University and Grace College. I’m still disappointment at what happened to the young boy at Fenger High School (Derrion Albert), who was beaten to death. I feel like if there were more activities for us to do between female and males, more job opportunities and more role-models, it would help decrease the violence.”

Lewis W. Powell, III

“Most significant for me is that I was able to stay the course. I don’t believe in disappointments; staying positive is my aim.

Debra Vines

“Most significant this year is for me to provide support for families affected by Autism. The disappointment was that there is not enough support in the African American community for families affected by Autism and other developmental disorders.”

(Photos were unavailable for Mr. Glover and Ms. Vines)


“What was most significant for me in 2009 was the success story for Covenant Bank, which is a black-owned bank in the Lawndale community. We have been very, very successful in rebuilding the community. We have done numerous rehab loans with the foreclosures in the community, and I have worked closely with investors and people that are prominent in the community. We are looking forward to building this community back up, the Austin community, the Lawndale community and really throughout the city of Chicago. I don’t have any disappointments because we have a very good success story over at Covenant Bank.”