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Bessie Tucker

“It was Barack becoming president, something I thought I would never see. And, my health; my families health are important stories for me.”

Duane Adams

“I think the most important story of 2009 was the beating to death of Derrion Albert, a student at Fenger High School. I think that was terrible; nobody stopped to help this kid. He was an honor student and seems he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Somebody has got to stand up, be bold enough and stop some of this senseless violence in these high schools. Black-on-black crime is out of control. The other important story was the president sending more troops to Iraq. I think that is detrimental, and the ones in there should come home. When they come back they still don’t have any kind of help, as far as counseling.”

Liz Brown

“What I think was the most important story was Obama becoming president, and I survived 29 surgeries.

Elnora Fisher

“Most important was the growth and the faith in the Cosmopolitan Church in Maywood, under the direction of Rev. Willie R Brown, and being blessed with my mom, my sister and my aunt, who is talking now and had not talked in five years.”

Kimbra Moody

” “Of course, the first would be the election of Barack Obama, our first black president. It was really, really wonderful. I was a part of that; I was in downtown Chicago when it happened. I had my daughter with me and it was very important for her to see that. Another very important story was the young man beaten to death, Derrion Albert. I actually met one of the ladies who were a neighbor of his family. It was very sad that it happened. We need to bring our communities back together. We need to pray more and we need prayer back in school. We are in control of changing our community, so we need to take our community back.”

Florence Brown

“The election of the first black president. What is important in my family is that I have four brothers in nursing homes, and I’ve been to Mississippi eight times this past year taking care of them. Some are doing better, so I’m grateful for that. I rode the train so much this past year; the train personnel know me and all have been too helpful during my travels back and forth.”