Theresa Kelly

“I enjoyed the president’s speech I just hope he is able to fulfill everything he said he would do. As far as healthcare goes there are a lot of people that need it, however, the ones that already have healthcare through their jobs or through retirement, I think that his first look should be the people without any healthcare.”

Will M. Roby Jr.

“It was all about creating jobs. This is what I want to see him do.  As for working across the table with Republicans, it behooves him to make friends for government to work for the people, and not bicker between each other. That is a smart man if he can do that. I liked his speech because for a man to come into the chaos he came into, one year is not enough to rate him on his job performance.”

Darris Kelly

“I liked that he put emphasis on employment and trying to find everybody jobs, that is an important issue. His crossing the aisle is a good strategic move. We should not have grudges with other people about nonsense and personal issues.”

Ruth Fulton

“I really think that a big deal was made of his state of the union, but the part I like was when he met with Republicans and talked to them and allowed them to ask whatever they wanted to ask, and he answered them and defended whatever he wanted to defend.  And he was open to them and it was great, that message should have been his state of the union.”

Beulah Okonkwo

“Well, I did like the fact that he was decisive and he had definite ideas about what he wanted to accomplish for this year. But the thing I am concerned about is the division among the Democrats and Republicans. Will the Republicans come together in a partisan matter to assist him in any way in getting his legislation passed through Congress? Or will they fall back as they always do and be divisive and derogatory about what he is trying to do? That was my main concern. “

Nzingha Nomo

“President Barack Obama is the best thing that happened to the  United States. He hit it out of the ballpark. Never in the history of the United States has there ever been a person that people are more proud of. He was very dignified in his speech. He is a model family person and made me proud to be black in America.”