Kathye Kelley

“I really think they should continue it. As for Tammy Duckworth, if she doesn’t really want the position, then she shouldn’t take it. I really don’t understand about the man who won, Cohen. They knew that man’s history when he was running; they had to know that. After he won, then his background became a big news story. I’m sure these news people knew something about him during his campaign. I think the person who is most qualified should get the position.”

Norm Olson
National School Service consultant

“I would like to see Tammy Duckworth. I think she has done a lot for the country and certainly sacrificed a lot. I don’t know many other politicians who would fulfill the obligations, but I’d like to see there.”

Danette King
Director of Young Creative Minds

“I definitely don’t think they need to eliminate the position. I would say Art Turner because he was the runner-up and actually because it is fair. He is a very down-to-earth guy, I’ve never heard anything bad about him. That is just my opinion and that is what God has put in my heart.”

Chris Welch
Dist. 209 board president, Proviso high schools

“The lt. governor position was proven by the current governor that it is a needed position. It is just like the vice president of the United States. You never know when you are going to need it; it is good to have around. I really would like to see the lt. governor position go to the best qualified person. I think that is the criteria we should be governed by and whether they ran for it or not, I don’t think is relevant at this point. I think the question is who is best to be governor if something were to happen to Pat Quinn, and I think that’s who should get the job.”

Ralph Lee
Dist. 200 board president, Oak Park and River Forest High School

“I would like to see the lt. governorship phased out completely with the position passed on to the attorney general in the case of the loss of the governor. As it’s structured in Illinois, I don’t feel there is enough for that person to do, other than step into the governor’s position. And I don’t see that electing a person specifically for that purpose serves any useful function. So I’d rather see the position wiped out, with the succession going to the attorney general.”

Darnell Gibson
Dean of students at South Elgin High School

“It really doesn’t matter about that position right now as long as there is someone who is going to help with educating our kids, with the school, the community, and is honest. “