Darren Hammond

“My suggestion is that the kids got to go to church and believe in God. Try to pray to the Lord and give it back to other kids, and it starts in your house with the parents. Doing things that are positive that might encourage other kids.”

Marilyn Pitchford

“I work for CeaseFire, and I know we have a peace summit and we have guys to come in and speak about ideas and [offer] suggestions. They need to buy into the fact that it is up to them to promote peace. Everybody can be out giving ideas, but if you don’t take it to them and let them come up with ideas they are not buying into it.  I’m a supervisor with CeaseFire and have been with them for 10 years.”

Patrick Holloway

“Getting the youth involved and find alternatives like mentoring and guiding them in the right direction. I’m involved with CeaseFire and mentor a lot of young men who often do not have anyone to talk to or listen to them.  Listening to our young men is important.”

Marnell Brown

“My suggestion would be to try to implement programs that teach youths about alcoholism, programs that teach young brothers how to survive their emotions, because a lot of them may not be alcoholics or have substance abuse problems, but there is some stuff that is disturbing their emotions and they don’t know how to deal with it.

Could be someone jealous of another guy and next thing you know he has blown someone away, because he could not control his emotions. That is my thing with conflict resolution, to teach the youth how to survive their emotions.”

Derrick House

“I just think the young people should pay attention to the past and they will understand the future.  And to stop the violence and promote peace.”

Photo unavailable for Mr. House.