Theresa Williams

“Of course, we need health care, but phase it in little by little, because it seems everybody is so opposed to it and they are not really going to let it pass. So if we just try to push a little in at a time that should help. The summit, to me, didn’t make a difference because you know how they feel with President Obama. They are not going to let him do anything.”

Willie Wilson

“I don’t know if it made a whole lot of difference, to be honest. The reason I say this is because of the people he has to deal with that keep him from making a difference. The Congress should reform it this year; they have been playing around too long. And the people he has to deal with, even if he waited until next year, it will be the same thing. They don’t want to say that he got it through. They should want everyone covered because you’re going to pay one way or another.”

Angela Wilson

“I feel the summit got us moving in the right direction. The health care bill is very important. And even though we do have a majority I think we need to have a greater understanding of what the bill will bring about for the community, for our people, for our nation. So I think that maybe it could be phased in little by little to get people adjusted to the idea of health care reform. I think people need to understand that it is slow process. That it is a process President Obama cannot do on his own and that without Congress.”

Nicole Johnson

“I think the people have been waiting too long and I think that President Obama should just go ahead and put it through. I don’t think the summit made any difference. The people already know what they want and they have been waiting long enough. Instead of bickering back and forth, just go ahead and put it through.”

Michael Wilson

“I’m hoping that [the summit] did. The health care situation in the country is critical. What we have is an issue of big corporations versus the common man and our desire to see an ideal health care situation. People want to keep their money in their pocket, and there are those who are trying to get some relief. That is where a lot of the conflict comes in. It could be political suicide for Obama if things don’t work out the way they are supposed to. But I think it is a necessary move that is overdue.”

Lillian Winfrey

“No, the summit didn’t help at all because the Republicans are determined to do what they want to do, and I believe that the American public is getting awfully tired with politicians. I feel they should go ahead and pass it now. There are so many people out of work and people need health care.”