Christopher Curtis

“I’ve been unemployed for one year. My background has been working with students, like a counselor aide. I’ve done outreach work and I’m looking for something like that.”

Mary Moore

“I’ve been unemployed since July 2009. It has affected me a lot because I had been on my job for a while, so I wasn’t thinking that the economy was this bad. I thought I wouldn’t have as much trouble finding another job, but it really has been hard for me. And then it is even harder for a black person and a woman. After so long searching for a job, first you’re looking for something in the field, and after that, you decide to go down a little bit. And then it becomes whatever is available – something is better then nothing.”

Sylvia Mcghee

“I’ve been unemployed six months. It’s affected me because we have to live on a budget, and we didn’t necessarily have to before. I previously worked in the newspaper production industry. This job fair today has given me a lot of valuable resources, and I’m happy it was held on the West Side.”

Porsche Cook

“I’ve been unemployed “I’ve been unemployed five months. It’s been very hard because I have a young child, and I have to provide for my family. I certainly feel the pressures from an African-American point of view because our unemployment percentage is much higher than other communities. I am certainly encourage and am happy about the job fair.”

Annie Wordlaw

“I’ve been unemployed since 2000. The type of work I’ve done has been financial temp, accounts payable, file clerk, invoice processor, payment processor, customer service, distributing mail and check disbursements. It’s affected me by slowing down my computer skills, and I might be a little slower because I’m not 25 years young. I don’t think age is a factor because with training and everyday activities, it should not be a problem.”

Charisse Brown

“I’ve been unemployed for one month. I previously was with the West Side Health Authority prisoner re-entry program. It has affected me dramatically and economically. The better portion of it, I’m able to spend more time with my kids, but I still need a job to feed my three kids. They still need food, clothes on their back.”

Howard Gnewuch

“I’m here today to seek employment. All of the companies here today do hire ex-offenders and I am one. I am being honest with everyone, and I see this as an opportunity to improve my life. The prospects look good because certain employers are driving on us to actually go out and apply, so I’m encouraged.”