Alicia Robinson is the first recipient of the new Larry Kennon Scholarship. She said, “I’m very honored. I was taken aback when I got the call from attorney Kennon. I didn’t know quite what to say. He said, ‘Do you accept it?’ I said, ‘I surely do.’ It’s just an amazing award, amazing experience and amazing honor to be the first person to receive it. I definitely will pass the word on so more people will know about it for next year and can be a part of such a great movement. I’m in my second year at DePaul School of Law. I have one more year to go and I’m excited. I’m interning at Power & Dixon Law Firm. That is where I met attorney Kennon. I’ve had the honor of doing a lot of errands for him and getting a taste of what the law looks like. So I’m just hoping to carry on the legacy.”

-Delores McCain