Augustine Tabb

“I would like to see her address the garbage disposal in the 200 block on North Mason Street. People are throwing garbage on the ground, and it’s getting hot now and garbage will be all over the alley and smelling. We could also have more help with the utilities, especially with the seniors or people with low incomes. Also, the fire department has a battery you can put into your smoke detectors that will last for 10 years, so she can see if we can get that.”

Barbara Peters

“One of the things is seeing about the street lights; everywhere there isn’t lights¡ªdrug selling occurs. They are selling drugs on every corner because they know they can get away with it. The police lights does not discourage; they often sell right under them. Sometimes I wonder if those blue lights are even working. We need the alderman to take note of these open areas where drugs are being sold.”

Adell West

“I would like for her to support all the seniors; and not certain ones. That was the problem I had with (former Ald. Isaac) Carothers, and I brought it to his attention often. If you are not in a senior citizen building, the information does not get to those seniors who live in other places. And they are supposed to notify all the seniors when they are having something. If you are in their ward, the alderman most likely has your address. They can send you notices to come to meetings or when its time to vote. I know he has to tend to more than just seniors, but when you do contact seniors make sure all of the seniors are included. “

Ora Woods

“I think she should go and look at those abandoned buildings; people are throwing garbage in the back of them. She needs to go around and see why garbage is not being picked up on the corners now¡­nobody is cleaning up the Austin neighborhood.”

Wayne King

“Just be active in the community and show up at the satellite senior citizens’ center. And pay special attention to what needs to be done in the community.”

Marie Perry

First thing I would like to see is to get these youngsters off of the corners. We have to go to church, stores and different places and half the time you have to walk around these guys. And it is just too many of them hanging around on corners. The main thing is young folks on the corners; and they have no respect.”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.:

“The time is always right to do what is right. Freedom is never voluntarily given by the ppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed. “