The Austin Weekly News will feature positive men doing positive things in the Austin community for a special issue next week. The struggles and issues that black men face have been covered by Austin Weekly News and other media outlets over the years. Our paper has also focused the majority of our attention and coverage on the other side-fathers, sons, granddads, educators and entrepreneurs doing good, creative things in their neighborhood. AWN has done special issues in the past and decided to dedicate one to highlight men in Austin. Readers will here about a new Italian ice shop that recently opened by an Austin businessman (photo is of last Saturday’s grand opening). Readers will also be introduced to an extraordinary 23-year-old resident who continues to volunteer at Austin schools while pursuing his law degree. These are just two stories featured in next week’s edition, which hit stands July 1. There are many other stories we won’t be able to tell in this single special issue, but will continue to be regularly featured in Austin Weekly News.