So often we hear of the bad things our young people do. They often make the newspapers, TV, or even radio. But what about those who do good?

This is a story about a young man named Anthony, a security guard at an Aldi Store, and the wonderful thing he did to help me and a friend when we were in serious need of help. We drove up to a McDonald’s lot at Madison and Lombard about 12:30 one night to get some hamburgers. The store itself was closed but the drive-through was open. We had been having trouble with our car and had just come from driving on the Eisenhower to charge up the battery, which we just had serviced by Allstate. We parked in the lot, went to the door, and were told to get in the drive-through line. When we went back and got in the car, it would not start. I asked three male drivers (my brothers) to give our car a jump. Like Peter did Jesus, they denied me three times. I did not give up. It was late and the car could not remain in the parking lot. Finally, I asked two young brothers at the drive-through window for help. They kept their word and came around on the other side of the store to help us. For one hour they tried to start our car with no luck. Finally, my friend asked them if they would bring us back to where we lived so he could take the battery from his car to put it in my car so we could get it off of the lot. We offered them money. They refused the money, but agreed, and did bring us to The Oaks on Humphrey and our parking lot. They waited and took us back to McDonald’s with the battery. They stayed with us to make sure the car started. Instead of money they asked for a hug and a handshake.

Thank God chivalry is still alive in some of our youth. Once again, thank you.

Sam and Dorothy