A man of faith

Thank God for a caring, loving, and praying shepherd [‘There’s a new sheriff in town,’ Feb. 4]. Christ Resurrection MB Church is blessed to have an anointed leader, Apostle Robert Pomerlee-a man of faith. Without that, it’s impossible to please God. Continue to walk with the lord; let him lead you all the way. I love you.

Prophetess Alice Pomerlee
First Lady of Christ Resurrection Church

Bethel hurt due to state funding

I have read your columns with interest and, as far as they go, have no issues with the content [Our ‘friends’ have a strange way of showing it, Arlene Jones, July 29]. I do wish, however, that you would publish the other side of the story. Bethel, along with most other Illinois not-for-profits that deliver services for the state, is hard-pressed to deliver quality services when the state does not pay. No organization enjoys reducing staff and cutting services. The question may boil down to whether the community is better off if the agencies give up and close their doors. Or, keep trying to deliver much needed services, and continue to keep pressure on the state to live up to its obligations.

Jewel Mandeville
Submitted at AustinWeeklyNews.com

Ex-employees offer our thanks

I would like to thank Arlene Jones for the columns she wrote about Bethel New Life, Inc. [Bethel CEO resigns, Aug. 12]; on how ex-employees were treated unfairly in losing their jobs. They were all very hard working and a very dedicated staff, and they loved the seniors there. I was one of the staff and also live in the community. Thank you, Arlene Jones for listening and for being our voice.

Soleida Hernandez
Submitted at AustinWeeklyNews.com

Compassion, and education, needed

I am also an ex-employee of Beth-Anne supportive living facility. I would like to thank Ms. Arlene Jones for taking a stand in this matter. It has gone on too long that employees have been treated unfairly. I really loved my job and loved the seniors dearly. It was a striking blow to hear that I was no longer needed for my services due to lack of education. I know education goes a long way, but so does love and compassion, and those seniors couldn’t care less about a piece of paper because what they need they found in our staff-love, compassion, patience, and understanding. The seniors call me on a daily basis and say, ‘Linda, I wish you were here.’ I’m a Christian woman who has learned to get back up when knocked down.

Linda Hall
Submitted at AustinWeeklyNews.com