Early onset of puberty has been a common occurrence with black girls for years. The puberty problem is a problem now that it is also affecting white girls. Recent data shows that the effects of puberty are not just exclusive to minorities and the lower class, but that early onset of puberty is starting to touch everyone. Early onset of puberty is frequently the result of a combination of issues that have to be addressed together to reduce the common occurrence. A green lifestyle and a family environment can impact when puberty occurs for a girl.

Puberty is the stage of adolescence where the human body becomes physiologically capable of reproduction. That’s just human nature – so what’s there for a parent to worry about? Reproduction means that desire will become an issue. It means that the body will physically begin to exude the signs to the opposite sex that it is ready to engage in coitus and mate. So if your child is showing puberty signs at ages 7-9 the parent has reason to worry versus the child showing puberty signs at 9-13.

Precocious puberty has been the BLACK problem. Perhaps it was thought to be a result of the perceived lasciviousness of the race. However, the puberty problem is actually a result of foods ingested with hormones, neighborhoods and water filled with chemicals, and homes parented by single women. As a matter of fact, homes with absent fathers or substitute fathers are homes where early onset of puberty occur the most frequently. Now that the demographic of the American family is changing other races are experiencing the same effects as black families have been for years.

Recently, the economy saw many families separate or divorce in the middle class range. That meant that many families, not just minority, that were suffering economically were divided. That happened in the last few years and could be a determinant as to why puberty is now happening in races across the board. In nature, an animal capable of breeding attracts a mate and caregiver. Perhaps humans are simply physically adjusting to the actual conditions that exist in the urban and rural areas across the nation.

Additionally, these broken families have to change their regular habits into excess spending. Parents caring for children have to adjust financially when raising children alone. That means that the parent who could afford a regular trip to Whole Foods for organic meats and vegetables now has to find a 5 for $20 meat market, purchasing less quality meats for their family. They may not have access to a farmer’s market throughout the year or in the inner city so they have to buy vegetables steeped in insecticides. They go to purchasing more canned and boxed frozen goods that are on sale but may be full of preservatives. They also may make frequent trips to fast-food restaurants to enjoy the dollar menu on busy nights on the go with their family. The changing family dynamic changes access to goods. Having less quality goods affects the preservation of the human body. The more items entered into the system that are not healthy that build up over time force the body to develop in different ways.

The puberty problem is relevant now as American culture changes to fit the economic landscape which is dangerous, unpredictable, and volatile. Perhaps notification that precocious puberty is happening to others will make doctors and lawmakers stand up and take a look at the issues facing young girls and actively seek to prevent the changes causing precocious puberty.

Angelic Jones is a freelance writer for
Austin Weekly News.

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