Streetbeat originally published July 23, 2009

Anthony Laws

“Right now, I’m in the process of getting one started with my new business (Gappers Construction, 5425 W. Van Buren). As a new business owner in the Austin community I only employ approximately 10 individuals, so finding a good healthcare provider is most important.

Donald Page

“Yes, I’m very satisfied with my doctor and the care she provides. She is very hard on me, and her name is Dr. Debra Manus. Dr. Manus makes sure I watch my diet.”

Jacques Conway

“Yes, I am. I’m satisfied with my health care and my doctors. I had, for over 20 years, Blue Cross/Blue Shield. They have provided our family with excellent service, and we’ve never had a problem with what we needed to have taken care of. And I wish everyone had the same response, but we are fortunate to have excellent health care. But I do have family members who do not have health care and so it’s always a struggle for them to get the necessary health care, especially the exams before something happens. My doctor catches a lot of things because I have regular checkups, and I go for exams. But those people who do have preventive health care then they are in a position where a lot of things are missed.”

Lesley Chinn

“Well, I haven’t gone to the doctor lately, so I can’t really say. I have been so busy. I haven’t had time to go to the doctor.

Joe Gerger

“We pay a lot of money when we need to see a doctor. We pay a lot of money for prescriptions. We got a mother who is on prescriptions; her monthly bill costs almost as much as rent. So it is tough times for a lot of people. We have had to help out a few family members. So if it’s not affecting us directly, it is affecting us indirectly.”

John Windham

“Yes – and all the things connected with my care. My doctor makes sure everything I need done is taken care of. And he is really good with preventive care and making sure all my exams and things are done.”