Atlean Johnson

No, because it will be a conflict of interest. Ifm not a member of his church, but I would have a problem if I were a parishioner of his church. Your focus is to mentor me and my soul to God. What you trying to run for mayor for? Itfs enough youfre a (state) senator. He may be good at it c but he needs to focus on one thing. You got too many things you are trying to multitask.

Deena Douglas

I donft think he can do it. The reality of it is, there are going to be some things he says as a pastor that people arenft going to agree with. You know how they say the state and religion should be divided. I really donft foresee him doing a good job at that because if you are a pastor, you are a 24-hour pastor. I donft want a part-time pastor, and Ifm sure people in his church feel the same way.

Christopher Lumpkin

If hefs capable of running his church and also being the mayor without it being some type of conflict between the two jobs, I donft see nothing wrong with it. That is a lot of load to handle though.

Melvin Benson

I donft think those two things conflict with each other. He should be able to carry on his congregation and the responsibilities as mayor at the same time.

Mario Wright

He can consider it, but I donft think it would be fair to the community to try to do both. The mayorfs a tough job. Itfs not an easy thing. Hefs got to deal with the city budget, homeless issues, violence [and] drugs are rampant in this city. Thatfs a lot of work for one person to do. Even with all the staff the mayor has, it is still a rough thing to try to do. If we are talking about Miami, Alabama, then I could say OK. If it is a small town, then cool. But the third largest city in the United States, I donft think it is a good idea.

Yash Slaughter

Seeing that this is the third largest city in America, a lot of your focus needs to be on running the city, [dealing] with the murders, the education system. I donft think he has the energy to do that and make the commitment to leading people in his congregation. The other candidates have one focus whereas his wonft be. It seems as though, if you look at it logically, they would be able to do the better job because they only have one thing that they are focused on.