Merdonne Jones

“I’m most thankful for my family and my health. Those are the things I am most thankful for. There have been so many bad things happening here recently. I’m just very appreciative of my family and our health.”

Duane Savage

“This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful because we are going through some health matters in my family. My wife is in the hospital currently getting treatment, and I’m just thankful we caught things in time and she has an opportunity to battle this thing and that there is expertise for her. There are caring people out there who have learned how to deal with illness and are willing to give of themselves. Right now I’m volunteering with WVON Radio and their LifeSource blood drive, and this really hits home because during my wife’s treatments, she may need blood or marrow transplant. It is very important in the African-American community that we come forward and donate. You never know whose life you might save. I heard a commercial that every unit of blood may save up to three lives and that is really hitting home, so I got a lot to be thankful for.”

Donald Myers

“I’m thankful for my family. I have seven wonderful children and they are the light of my life. I wouldn’t trade them for nothing in the world. So many times I see things that my parents went through in my daily life. The other day I was talking to one of my sons and could easily see my father talking to me regarding the same situation. Those kind of moments you can’t buy. I have four sons and three daughters.”

Sherry Malone

“Well two of my family members have had strokes and both survived, so I’m grateful for that. It is another year of God’s blessings so I am grateful for that and to be here.”

Benjamin Williams

“I’m thankful for my family, my wife (Marisul), and my son (Cameron) and especially my mother- and father-in-law.” Benjamin is a licensed/bonded electrician who has devoted his life to helping troubled youth. He is a certified boxing coach and his company, Each One Teach One, is reaching out to youth, showing them there are positive ways to succeed. Reach him at

Pat Anderson Williams

“I’m actually thankful for the opportunity to be who I am. And I’m thankful that God trusts me with gifts and skills that I can use. I’m very grateful that I can do that. I’m grateful for my family, for my sons, grateful for life, for opportunity to work with WVON and what it does for our community. It is one of the only sources that we have, so that is something I am really grateful for. That is why every opportunity I get I will volunteer to do something for WVON.”