Terrance Anderson

“I am a born and raised Westsider. I think Danny Davis dropping out of the race was a united move. I think that we don’t need to be divided in trying to have three individuals in the same race from the same cultural. This does divide the vote. I thought that was a very promising move, a very encouraging move because now he’s going to put all his eggs in one basket towards Ms. Mosley. Hopefully, she will be able to be successful.”

Antonia Smith

“I think Danny Davis is too old. He’s up in age right now, and I think he is too old for it. I don’t think he will be good for the black Community. I am glad he dropped out. He would have been a good candidate if he wasn’t so up in age. Yes, he would have helped our community. I really believe so.”

Marlon Brown

I think it’s cool because we don’t want to split up the vote between three people, so we got to get just one person for the Black community yeah, but for the whole city I don’t know.”

W. Louise Babbs

“What I think about Danny Davis is he is good to the community, but right now I don’t think he is ready to run for Mayor. Right now I think we need (someone) stronger–, he’s strong, don’t get me wrong, but I think we need a younger person than that. I think it should be more upgraded. Up to now that we can get more understanding on what’s going on in the United States and what’s going on in the community too. So, that’s the way I feel. I think right now that Danny Davis did a good thing by stepping down and it will help the community if we get the right person.”

Donna Brisco

“I am glad because I’ll be straight up honest with you, he won’t be the right person for the community or the city because you need a stronger leader, a much stronger leader. (Why should we unite around a single black candidate?) What’s that got to do with having just the blacks? What’s wrong with having another white mayor to come in? What’s wrong with that candidate? When God made Danny Davis, he didn’t stop there because it’s a different race. Whoever wins, I am for that. When you see people standing up for their own race, why you can’t stand up for this Caucasian man?

R.L. Skinner

“I guess it’s O.K. if that’s what he wants to do. You know, it’s kind of hard for me to say. I can’t make no decisions for him, but maybe he done the best thing for him because he figured he might not win. That’s probably why he dropped out. (Will this unite the community?) It might not, it’s hard to say. I think Carol Braun is going to be alright.”

Eric Hollins

“It was a good thing Danny dropped out because he is way past his time in running for the election. They need some young blood in there, someone that can really handle the city and make some valid calls. Sometimes it is just good to step aside and live within the history that you have already made.

Vonetta Dehart

“I think it’s a good thing that he dropped out the race because it was too many blacks, and I think that would have made a tough decision on the votes because people would not know who to choose by it being a lot of black candidates. “

Robert Skinner

“I don’t think it’s good that he is dropping out due to the fact that the black population is falling down. I think he needs to lift us up instead of dropping out. I just think it’s a bad idea. I think all the black people need to just stay their places and lift black people up and stay together. I’m looking at them to make things better.”