Marie James

“I wouldn’t say no, because everybody deserves a chance, and his wife is sick, and if it’s just for this time. They say she’s not going to live a week out, so just for that time, then they can put him back.”

Krystal Ellis

“Yes, I do. I do think they should let [former] Gov. Ryan out because his wife is more important right now, and that’s his main focus.”

Herma Moore

“No, I don’t think so because if it was anybody else they wouldn’t let them out. Yeah, I mean it’s not right. I mean it’s a federal charge. It’s not right. He should even not have been allowed to go to the hospital and visit for two hours. That was wrong. They wouldn’t let me out.”

Jimmy Thomas

“I don’t really think he needs to be let out for a personal thing … He should stay in jail.”

Cindi Falato

” Funny you should even bring up that question because I thought, is [he] getting special treatment and from what I understand all prisoners, when there is somebody that is gravely ill and somebody as close to you as your wife, they are allowed out, so that is what I was told, and so, if that’s the case, it is his wife, and I feel these are her last moments and as long as he is not getting special treatment because he’s in that position, then, I’m okay with it.”

Willie Scott

“Yes, because of life in itself. If she is dying of cancer, I really do believe he needs to be at her bedside with her. Even though he’s a convicted felon, I still think he needs to be with his wife. There have been others that have been let out, so I don’t see any reason why he shouldn’t be with his wife. I just believe that he should have visitation for her on a regular basis, but I think he needs to serve his time.”

Ruby Watson

“No, because he hurt so many people, all those people that got killed in that accident. So, I don’t think it will be good. He’s supposed to serve when he’s done wrong. That’s the way I feel about it.”

Twana White

“No, because I think of a lot of people who have been sent to prison weren’t allowed to see their loved one dying, so why should they show him special privileges? It means nothing that he is the former governor. I think he is just getting more publicity because of his title.”

Richard Johnson

“That’s a tough call. You know, you probably need to – I don’t know. I don’t know. I really don’t. That’s a tough one. Should he be? Ah, maybe, I guess, you know. What else is he going to do to the people now? If he still serves out his time, you know, if he’s off a day, well, add it on to the end, but the man’s wife is dying. I’m sure they let other people out if their parents are dying or something like that for a short period of time.”