How long will we continue to observe the murder rates and violence in our neighborhoods escalate at an alarming rate? How long will we continue to witness the increasing dropout rates of our young men out of high school? And how long will we continue to stand by and watch our young children struggle to raise children, when they are still just children themselves? The social, moral, spiritual, psychological and physical decay of our neighborhoods¡ªhow long will we have to watch this occur before we finally decide, enough is enough? These and many other social ills plague our neighborhoods. The time for change was needed a long time ago; the time for men to stand up, fight and take back our communities was sorely needed decades ago. The Chicago chapter of MAD DADS (Men Against Destruction Fighting Against Drugs & Social Disorder) is looking for committed men. Men, who like us, want to stand up and take responsibility for what has happened and continues to take place in our neighborhoods. People often ask, ¡®who’ or ¡®what are you guys mad at?’ We, first of all, are mad at ourselves. Mad that we have allowed social ills to plague our neighborhoods. Mad that we haven’t provided a safe haven for our women and children within our own neighborhoods. Mad that we have allowed our young men to be responsible for their behaviors, and that we haven’t nurtured our young boys and girls to become productive citizens of society. Come join us in the fight and struggle to save our children, communities, and ourselves from these many destructive social ills.


Contact: 773-287-1960, or 773-447-7144