I’m writing these concerns to your paper because people do read your paper. I visit all communities both near and far, however, in some businesses I have noticed all Hispanics working and no African Americans. That’s an ugly picture due to the fact that this community is pretty much 99 percent African American. At Cicero and North Avenue is a Churches Chicken, and in the Brickyard location a Popeye’s Chicken. Let me also bring this to light as well: On the construction sites, there are absolutely non-blacks hired. When I was a young lady growing up in this city, all you saw were black men and a few whites working in and on these construction sites. Now they act as though black men and women are desolate. Remember, our parents helped build many buildings in this city and near suburbs. Don’t get me wrong, I know all nations of people need employment, however, the last time I checked fair employment law black America was included. We can’t just sit back and allow our rights to be totally forgotten about. Every time we see situations where this demeaning activity is taking place we the people need to inquire to these establishments-are they practicing fair hiring and not just accepting applications and when you leave throw them away. After all, at least when investigations and background checks are conducted the system can find information on our African American people. Tell the truth: How many are legally working with all their correct documents on file? Bottom line people-open up your blind eyes and take a stand without arguing amongst ourselves; doing nothing but waiting on some great black leader to come take us by the hand. Use those five senses God gave you; and if you really know who you are use those extra five or more spiritual gifts God has blessed us with.

Margo Porche