Level Horton

“In some cases I do think the death penalty is fair. In some cases I don’t. There are a lot of people who are wrongly convicted, so I just kind of have mixed feelings about that. But in some cases I do believe the death penalty is fair. The people who are guilty, then the taxpayers end up taking care of them for the rest of their lives, which I don’t think is fair. I have mixed feelings about that because I don’t believe the taxpayers should support heinous criminals. In some cases where people are guilty beyond a responsible doubt-you basically caught them in the act of a horrendous crime-I think they don’t even deserve a trial because it’s a waste of taxpayers’ money.”

Vonzell Byrd

“I think they shouldn’t because most of the people that are out here today, when they go to jail they probably deserve to go to jail and get the death penalty. Most of these lawyers are getting them out, and they are doing the same thing over and getting back in jail. That’s just more bad people getting out of jail. They should keep them in jail depending on what they did.”

Theresa Heath

“By me being on God’s page, I think they should abolish it and just keep them locked up. Give them something extra to do. But the death penalty: no because that’s not God’s word. That’s what I believe.”

Madeline Martin

“I think they shouldn’t because people that go out and commit murder should get the death penalty. They shouldn’t be able to come out of there or just serve time, or a life time sentence, when they done took a life.”

De Shaun Morton

“Yes, they should because people are being proven innocent, and there is no reason to take a life if you don’t know if they are guilty or not. So I think they should take the death penalty away.”

Derrick Bradshaw

“Yes, I believe we should abolish the death penalty because, due to the research and forensic studies, it is shown that a lot of criminals are convicted on false accusations.”

Walter Henry

“No, because there are too many people who are on death row who deservingly belong on death row. There have been mistakes in the past, but the few mistakes they have made, should not cover the general number of individuals who actually did commit the crime they were sent to death row for. No one is thinking about the victims or the victims’ families. I’m thinking in terms of vengeance to bring justification for the victims.”

Pete Schoedel

“Yes, because I don’t think it is appropriate punishment in today’s day and age. I think we have moved from our past and need to move forward in how we handle people who end up violating the law, but I believe the death penalty is too harsh of a punishment. I suggest life in prison or rehab, but in a way that they are taken out of any situation where they can do harm again. We don’t want them back in society to be able to repeat their offense, but we don’t what to kill them either.”

Allison Bates

“Yes. I think it doesn’t make sense to teach people not to kill by killing. We need to find a better means of dealing with people with violent criminal backgrounds. I think there are more effective means than the death penalty: such as, you have to make restitution by working the rest of your life to make up for what you have done. I think violence begets violence, so we are promoting, in one sense, violence, if we use it to remediate crime.