Tamika Cherry

“Yes, I believe that Rahm Emanuel should be allowed on the ballot because of all the other great things he has done for the city. Such as, he has helped out with the school system and when he was here in Chicago before he left to help out the president and, how he helped out with the police department. And I like how he is being honest about how he is going to have to raise taxes because most politicians don’t be honest about that. They go around saying ‘we’re not going to raise taxes,’ but they always end up doing it. At least he is being honest from the beginning.”

Nora Bradley

“Yes, I do think he should be on the ballot because he is the best candidate for Chicago. That by the same token he was endorsed, he was sent actually by the president, and whatever the government going to do, they are going to do anyway, so my comment is yes, he should be allowed on the ballot.”

Jessica Burns

“No, because he doesn’t even stay in the city of Chicago; he use to stay here, but I think they should give somebody else a chance to run for Mayor”

Jerry Harvey

Yes, I do because I believe Rahm Emanuel will be a good mayor, and I also believe he is not hooked up in the system where he is going to try his own machine and political upbringing. We don’t need that. We need somebody in there that’s going to look out for the people and be honest with the people on what he does. They don’t want him in for the simple reason, he’s a stern, strong man, and he’s got his own beliefs on how to bring the political machine to where it’s for the people and not for the politicians.”

Walter Walden

“Yes, because he’s a Chicago citizen; he went to serve for the president, and he should be allowed to run in the mayoral election. He didn’t sell his house, he rented it. He still paid taxes here, okay, so it’s a legitimate reason because he still paid taxes here. He didn’t pay taxes in DC. He had to take his kids with him to put them in school out there because they’re his kids, but he kept his house here, and he kept his driver’s license, and he paid taxes here.”

Coach Carter

“I say yes because he’s a native of Chicago. The only reason he left Chicago was to work with Barack, so I don’t see nothing wrong with it; you know, he’s a level headed guy to me, and I think some of the points he’s trying to hit at right now can help. Like one thing, keeping the kids in school, working with the schools, and you need that big time.”

Bonnie Neats

“I think he should be allowed on the ballot because he is good for the diversity of Chicago.”

Kyla Smith

“I say no, because if he will lie about his address, he will lie to us.”

Ericka Anderson

“I say no…I don’t know that much about this person, but the comments I have heard about him is that he’s not that good. He’s no good. I don’t think he’ll be good for Chicago.”