Arikibraa Pearson

“I think it’s fair because people did all that hard work shoveling out the snow, so, it’s not fair for other people to take their spot and they did all the work for their own spot. [And] yeah, you’ve got the right to tell them to move their car because you shoveled out that space just for you, and it probably took awhile.”

Angela Smith

“Yes. If you shoveled it, you put all the work in it; you should be able to keep your spot. It’s OK to put chairs in there. I mean, you took your time out to do all that work; you should be able to save your spot, and nobody should be able to move your chairs. If somebody comes and take your spot, they should have to move.”

Betty Thompson

“I do think it’s fair to put a chair in a spot that I shoveled out because, you know, that’s hard work. And it’s not right for somebody else to come in and just take it. It’s all right if they are going to park there for just one minute, you know, like dropping off something, that’s OK. But just to park, Na’w. I’d politely go down there and ask them to move-that’s my spot, and if they don’t move, I’d hate to get the ugly way, but I would insist that they move.”

Golden Gearlds

Yeah! If I done took my time, it’s cold outside, I done shoveled. I done made my space-yes, I’m going to put my mattresses down, my lawn furniture and everything else down that needs to go down there, and it better be there when I get home from work. And, if it’s not, we’re going to have some problems. That’s it, that’s all.

Genita Lucious

“It’s fair for them to put down chairs and mattresses; because it’s so hard to shovel these cars out…people need their cars, and some people are old. And, if they come and take my spot, I’m going to put my chair right back there. I’m going to find out who the car belongs to and ask them will they please come and move their car so I can get my spot back. On my block, they got chairs and everything out there now.”

Sabrina Newcon

“Yes, it’s OK for me to put stuff out there to keep people from taking a spot for the simple fact, that you took the time; you’re out there in the cold shoveling it, then, that’s where you park. If you want a spot, then you go on and get your own spot, shovel out your own (space). It’s cold out there and you’re out there 30 or 40 minutes shoveling a spot for somebody else to park-no! They’ll move your chairs like it’s their chairs…they’ll park right there, then got the audacity to get an attitude about it. Then I argue. I’m going to be ready to throw down because that’s my spot and I shoveled. That’s my spot-move, seriously, or I’ll block you in.”

Pete Riley

“I don’t think it’s OK to put tables and chairs in a parking space because you’re depriving someone else from having a parking space that may want to use to park after you’ve gone. I pay taxes to be able to park. Why I can’t park because you have your chairs there? I didn’t shovel it out, yeah. But, I mean, that’s the city’s job…they should shovel it out. If I need to park, and your chairs are there, I’m going to move your chairs to park. There is nothing to talk about. We’re all taxpayers; we should all be able to park. You can’t hold a space. There is not enough room in America for everybody to put chairs in a parking place.”

Gregory Davis

“I personally feel that if a person shoveled it out, even though it belongs to the city, but, if that person took time out and shoveled that spot out in front of their homes…I feel like shouldn’t no one interfere and move the seats, or the tables, or the chairs or the mattress. Now, if another person feel like they can just come in a take their spot, and they done shoveled it out, I feel that’s wrong. You can’t just come up there and get the convenience of my hard labor. I don’t think that’s fair.”