The countdown to Municipal Election Day is finally here. Much is being done to suppress the “black vote,” for though we may not be the majority when it comes to residency, we are the majority when it comes to being registered voters.

Many people already believe Rahm Emanuel will win the election. He has the biggest war chest and has spent the most on ads. Money is always the defining factor in elections, they say. Yet if that is the truth, then Meg Whitman who spent $178.5 million in her attempt to become California’s governor shouldn’t have lost to Jerry Brown, who spent a paltry $36.5 million. But don’t tell that to Rahm. Let him continue to spend and spend. In the end, it’s voters that vote. Ads don’t.

There are only four offices to vote for in this year’s election. Mayor, City Clerk, City Treasurer and Alderman. Let’s start with mayor.

I continue to support William “Dock” Walls. He may not have the money of the other candidates, but when it comes to addressing solutions to the issues, none have been able to hold a candle to him. His parking meter solution of paying for an “enhanced” city sticker would allow people to park at any meter for up to two hours without getting a ticket. Plus it would allow Chicago to again earn money from those meters. His promotion of “nanotechnology” as the next major industry for Chicago would again put us on the map for manufacturing. His idea to limit the amount of profits that large construction companies make off the city is admirable. And most of all, his idea to give a million dollars to 200 businesses all around the city would have them creating self-perpetuating jobs that would begin to cut into the unemployment rate. His election, as his campaign slogan states, would be: “A Clean Break from the Past.” Visit his website at

Since I am not one to believe all those phony poll results that have been making their way into the news, I would love to see a runoff election between Walls and anyone else. There are too many real issues going on in this city to allow the next mayor to just slide into office because he had so much money from outside interests that we bought into the hype. When people try to tell you that, just remind them of that California governor’s race. It’s not who spends the most money. It is who garners the most votes. And we can make it happen by getting everyone we know to come out and vote on Feb. 22. Punch 11. Punch eleven. Punch 11.

The next most important office to vote for is City Clerk. That is a no-brainer. Punch 21 and elect Patricia Horton. Since the City Treasurer doesn’t have any opposition, all she has to do is have two people vote for her and she wins. Punch 31 to elect Stephanie Neely.

Lastly, there is that election for alderman. I’ve been to a number of candidate forums and have been impressed by some and disappointed by others. But I will say this about those running against the incumbents. If bringing business to the ward were as easy as your challengers make it sound, all the wards would have new business. If building a community center were as simplistic as you want to make it, every community would have them. Those are the kinds of things incumbents would do just to have notches on their belts. But when the city doesn’t have money to keep the park district buildings open and functioning, it doesn’t have money for additional centers that need to be funded. And if Jewel and Dominick’s wanted to be anywhere in this city, they would be.

When candidates talk about empowering those already in business over trying to put their constituents into business, it shows who is worth voting for and who is worth ignoring. And any candidate not willing, front and center, to tell you who they are supporting for mayor doesn’t deserve your vote either.

The elections will again be on the table this Sunday on WRLL 1450-AM from 10 until midnight. Tune in. Call in. 773-591-6777.

And on Tuesday Feb. 22, Vote …Vote …Vote!