Paul Shaffer

“No, he should be concentrating on his own cabinet. How you going to help someone else when he needs to concentrate on the people of Chicago? He should be manning the city because Chicago is a big city. His basic thing is to concentrate on the City of Chicago, and to bring up Chicago and stop all this crime that’s going on. He needs to concentrate on all the aldermen and all the committees of Chicago. That’s what he needs to be concentrating on, and to get us a new superintendent of the police department.”

Roy Harris

“He needs to be focusing on his own job and stop worrying about anybody else until he get himself up in there and know what he needs to do, because he’s never been a mayor before. So, he needs to get up in there and get his feet wet before deciding to work on anybody else. He needs to get his job done, then that way, he can reach out to the community.”

Derek O’Neal

“No, I don’t think he should support any candidate. What he should do is just focus on being mayor because it’s a large undertaking. That being the case, if he focuses on any candidate in a run-off for alderman, the people would take it that he is being biased toward a particular ward, and to not come into office with any controversy, other than controversy that already exists. I think it would be a bad idea for him to support any candidate whatsoever as far as the aldermanic race is concerned.”

Caria Harper

“No. He needs to keep working on getting the right team to work with him as mayor. We need a police chief, we need protection in the streets, and we need more patrol. We need more activities for the kids, more education. This is going to be a big job for him¡ªa big job.”

Leo Swan

“No, I think he needs to be focusing on the city at hand, you know, doing what he was elected to do, getting us a superintendent and running the city.

Ariel Daniels

“He should get started on his job and not focus on other people¡ªget the city ready and handle what he needs to handle.”

Tiffany Laura

“No, I think he should do whatever he needs to do. I don’t care so long as he does well. He needs to focus on the city and to get some better police.”