Robert Harris

“The dumbest thing I ever did is I was walking down the street one day and I found this envelope, and I seen this little old lady was crying. I had decided I was going to keep it, [but] I didn’t, and I turned it in. When I turned it in, she told me thank you and have a nice day, and she gave me a quarter. I said I should have kept it because I would have had more than that quarter. The envelope had $1800 in it. She had lost it and left, and came back crying. It was dumb of me to give it back when I could have had $1800, but I’m glad I did give it back to her because it was the right thing to do.”

Paris West

“The biggest mistake I ever made was when I moved in with my cousin instead of getting my own place. It was Christmas time and I gave her $600 to pay her rent so we would have a place to stay; she didn’t use the money for the rent, and we ended up getting evicted. She used it for shopping and stuff like that. In the end, me and my son were in the bathroom and the sheriff came in, put us out and threw all our stuff out on the streets. She was down the street at her cousin’s; we just sat out on the sidewalk.”

Michael Hess

“The worst decision I ever made was moving back in with my baby mama. We were together before for years. I moved in because I have a girlfriend on the side. Well, things, ain’t working out for me and my girl. She’s always throwing my baby mama in my face.”

Dray Radcliff

“I’m not sure. I’ve made a lot of bad decisions. I don’t know. I don’t know which one is the dumbest one I’ve made. The one that cost me the most was dropping out of school. Now I’m back in school, and I’m too old for this stuff now. I’ve got work, bills and all that other stuff to take care of now.”

Lisa Brent

“The worst decision I ever made was having a child when I was 17. I got a job and I did do some college, but I worked and took care of her. It was dumb for me to have her; I should have waited until I was more mature, but I’m glad that I did. It was a learning experience, and I’m proud of my daughter; she is 28 now. She’s in the Navy and has three children of her own. We all make mistakes, but we have to learn how to move on.”

Tiffany Malone

“Well, I’ve learned after high school to listen to my parents more often. I should have listened to them more than I did, and I could have avoided a lot of mistakes. I know that once I graduated high school and started taking their advice and listening to their opinions more seriously that my life actually got a lot easier.”

Don Luster

“I made mistakes in not listening to my family the way I should have, and I fell off the bridge and the bridge was really deep, but the Lord helped me. The bridge (represents) things I should have listened to them on, things they told me not to do. I was a young man back in the day. I got married and I did what I wanted to do and made some mistakes after I was out there. I should have listened to the people who were guiding me.”

LaShawn Rogers

“I should have gone back to school. I would have a better job by now. I would have a good job by now. I did a year of college, but I should have done more.”