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Leaders need to be an example to others. Being a leader means others will emulate you and attempt to learn from you. Typically we think of that in terms of mentorship. The New SuperLeadership: Leading Others to Lead Themselves details how leadership should take place. Authors Charles Manz and Henry Sims Jr. create the term Superleadership to define taking leadership to another level. Superleadership is selfless, and an opportunity to teach others to lead themselves. Previously published in the 20th century, this book is re-released with updates to incorporate how technology changes the workplace landscape.

Organizations have to grow and change in the 21st century to keep up with technological growth. It is not the organization but the changing ways technology is used in the business world that makes companies face up to constant re-creation. Employees are valuable for their knowledge and how they can apply that in their profession. Now, employees can’t be loyal to a company but can be loyal to their profession because of the skills they possess. To keep these employees happy, organizations have to give employees autonomy to express themselves and work as they see fit so long as the necessary business results occur. In this environment the employee that desires to truly succeed and move up must lead themselves up the ladder.

Superleadership begins with self-leadership. Self-leadership is how others lead themselves. It is the strategies and skills combination that allows them to lead themselves up through their organizational maze. However, without Superleadership the self-leader can’t progress on. The self-leader goes far. What happens if the self-leader has obtained success but is expected to do more or placed in a management position? The self-leader needs to know how to motivate others to lead themselves to success. Let’s face it: Everyone can’t lead others but they can lead themselves. The Superleader is the person who can teach others to be responsible for themselves and their own successes.

Superleadership helps develop high performers. Superleaders are known as empowering. They teach others to develop their own self-leadership skills. This occurs through modeling and coaching. These activities can be done on three levels: interpersonal, the team and organizational. The Superleader doesn’t need the trainer title to train the team members around him or her. The Superleader takes charge and maintains the responsibility for growing the people around them.

Superleaders know how to lead themselves and coach and mentor others to their own personal victories. It’s necessary especially when technology is overwhelming the workplace and becoming so prevalent in our lives. Technology means that leadership must occur in the workplace but also in a larger scale in the lives we live beyond the work doors. Facebook, Linked-in, and other social networking sites help in decision-making now.

Because that technology is available, organizations can make decisions about their staff and their company in a different and faster way. Superleadership requires modeling the correct behaviors to others as well. Teaching others the how to lead at work typically has a lasting impact in the lives they lead at home.

Angelic Jones is a freelance writer for
Austin Weekly News.


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