Clarence Smith

“We better pray. That’s it. Ain’t nothing else going for us. They ain’t going to give us no help. We better pray. Trust me. If everybody prays, we’ll win. No prayer? Ain’t nothing happening. Keep God first, trust me.”

Kenneth Jones

“We have to start finding alternative resources. That means the United States has to get up on the electric cars, so we won’t be so dependent upon foreign sources. Right now, it’s five dollars, and you can’t even afford to come to work. We need to start pushing our cars or start riding a bike.”

James Daniel

“We need to push our cars-gas is too high. We need to start taking public transportation until the gas prices go down. I’m going to park my car and take bus transportation, CTA, the train, and so on and so on.”

Jeffrey Minarik

“This summer when it’s almost $6, then you’ll have a real question. I live close enough; I live in Berwyn, so I’m only 10 or 15 minutes away, so it’s not so so so bad. But Yeah, I mean, I turned my head the other day and turned it back around, and it had gone up 10 cents. Yeah, it’s out of hand, but you can expect it to go even higher. But I think, we’re in a situation where they kind of got us by the boo boo.”

Vanessa Perry

“Well, I guess I’m going to take public transportation like I’ve been doing. I do have a car but ever since, when it got to $4, I started taking the bus to work. I plan to get a bike.”

Rev. Aaron Dade

“Well, what can I do about it-nothing because right now I don’t drive. But if I were driving, it would probably be a big bother to me. And, what I would do is either one of two things. I would either pay for it to get where I want to go as often as I need to get there; or, two, take public transportation. But I don’t see the logic in that because after you spend the bus fare there and back-depending on how often you have to take the transportation-it would probably still total the same amount you would spend weekly on gas anyway.”

Carolyn Parker

“We gotta pray. Heavenly father knows we have to pray. They need to stop going over there and getting that gas. Use the gas we have in reserve. We have gas, so they need to stop bugging those people over there. That will stop with the wars; stop messing with other people. Use what we got, even if we have to use cooking oil.

John Dixon

“I’m staying in school and keeping my UPass and taking the train. Go Green-that’s exactly what I’m doing.”