Annette Weatherspoon

“I’ll give him, like, a ‘B’ because I think he did good; far as on the Grant Park, the Millennium Park that he did, and with gang violence. I think he stepped up a lot on that as far as with the school shootings and violence with the kids.”

Kieria Holder

“I give Mayor Daley a 10, and the most important thing he did for Chicago is he made the city look pretty.”

Dorothy Davis

“I would give him, like, a seven, I guess, because I need a job and he doesn’t demand no more. He didn’t do much about that. Wasn’t it Governor Blagojevich that did the Put Illinois to Work program? I was a part of that, but I haven’t found anything since. He (Daley) made the city look pretty, but the city looking pretty is not feeding us or our children. We need jobs, better schools and money.”

Mattie Osborne

“I’ll give him a 10. The most important thing he did for Chicago is he tried to keep the crime off the street.”

Kiara Carter

“I give him a C-minus because you know the Olympic thing-he was too busy worrying about that instead of Natasha, the girl that got shot in the back on Madison and Homan the same day they were getting the results of the Olympics (bid); like he didn’t care about it. He was too busy worrying about the Olympic Bid. He didn’t make any comment at all. On second thought, I give him an ‘F.'”

Lil Chris

“He ain’t did nothing for our city. He destroyed our city, and he ain’t doing nothing for the youth. So F-I give him an ‘F.'”

Clifton Hester

“I would give Mayor Daley a ‘D.’ I really don’t know too much that he did for Chicago, but he did put in a nice bid and try to fight for us to get the Olympics here. So still, with that, I’ll give him a ‘D.’ He would have gotten an ‘F.'”

Zachary Young

“I’d give Mayor Daley a ‘C.’ I think he did a lot of positive things for the young community as far as stopping the crime. He gave us a new Millennium Park; he rehabbed all the beaches and tore down a lot of the old building and stuff like that. He tried to help businesses as best he could. I’m the manager of A&G Deli on Laramie and Harrison. It’s what we put into it that will make it work.”