Five years ago, on May 2, 2006, all the headlines across the country were basically the same. A powerful new movement had occurred the day before. Those who participated in the movement basked in their glory from all the attention they had garnered.

Many people like me sat back insulted that it had even happened. I was especially taken back when a local activist came on the radio, and when asked if he had reached out to the black community for support, basically said no because they were trying to do it themselves. In others words, the support of black folks wasn’t needed as part of the initial strategy. However, like a good card player, they reserved the right to play us if they thought it would be necessary.

What is most interesting is that the movement that occurred on that day had used the civil rights movement as its blueprint. The strategy was simple. Just as blacks had marched in record numbers on Washington and Selma, Ala., their numbers all over this country would march in major and minor cities to show their strength. The only problem with that show of force is that far too many carried flags of other nations representing the countries of their origins while they protested in America.

By now I am sure you know what the issue is? Illegal immigration, to be precise. Those who came into this country and are now here illegally wanted to force this country to abandon the current immigration policy and give citizenship and all the rights that come with it to millions of foreign nationals simply because they are here.

Their PR campaign was as slick as anything Madison Avenue could have put out. We are brainwashed into believing that those here illegally are the backbone of the country. That without them, we as a country would fall to shreds. The campaign to defend those here illegally tells us they pick our food, watch our children, mow our lawns and pay taxes. Yet, seldom is much credence given to the fact that a lot of those tax payments are via someone else’s social security number. Also, it is rare for anyone to mention that illegal immigrants are not the majority in any work field. Thus, no matter the job category, the majority of the work is still done by Americans and not illegal immigrants.

One of the underlying efforts of the illegal immigration movement is to forge the gains made by blacks onto their movement. It is no coincidence that Dr. King is constantly portrayed as limited to his “I Have a Dream” speech. So what word do they come up with to try and give American citizenship to the millions of young illegal immigrants? The Dream Act. Coincidence? No.

And speaking of the Dream Act, the Illinois Senate has been sent a bill to give students who are here illegally money for school and driver’s licenses. That’s right. The same folks who tell us that we need to up the age for licenses for American young people are quick to want to legitimatize hundreds of thousands of folks who are here illegally with a driver’s license. They also want to open up the state’s limited coffers so that college saving programs and prepaid tuition programs are for all Illinois residents.

One has to only sit back and marvel at how in less than 30 years, the gains which took one segment of this country centuries are being rewarded to folks who not only just showed up at the table, but showed up uninvited.