Brenda Mack

‘My mother’s name is Patricia Mack. I think she is the most amazing mother in the world. She does anything she can do, not just for me but for other people. She goes out of her way to do anything she does. She always puts others first. I just think this year she deserves the best, and I’m going to give it to her.”

Vinny Washington

‘My mama’s name was Roselle Washington and she used to always put her sons first before she did anything. She used to always sacrifice first and still smile about it. She would give us her last, and she wouldnft have anything, so we would have everything. She passed Dec. 13, 2000. Roselle Washington, she was my best friend.”

Elestine Scuefield

‘My mother’s name is Lula Mae Smart, and I love my mom. She is always there for me when I need her. She’s my backbone, she’s my soul mate, and I just love her so much. I’m just blessed that she is here with us on this Mother’s Day. And I just love her to death.”

Audrey Williams

‘My mother’s name is Birdie Lee Williams. She is dead now, but I was blessed to have a beautiful mother. She gave me everything I wanted, and she worked hard. So appreciate your mother while you have her and that’s all I got to say.”

Ebony McKinley

‘My mother’s name is Delores McKinley and right or wrong, I love her to death. She canft do no wrong in my eyes.”

Kelsey Bowers

‘My mama’s name is Ebony McKinley and she is a nice and forgiving person. She is a generous and thankful person for everything she’s got, and I’m happy that I got a mother like her.”

Melissa Coleman

‘My mother’s name is Renee Coleman, and she is the most wonderful, sweetest person in the world because she raised me and my eight siblings. She takes care of us, and she loves us.”