Shanetha Thompson

“Yeah, because we need proof…why should we believe them? I don’t think there will be any problems in releasing them. We need proof.”

James Hawthorne

“Yes, if he is really Osama Bin Laden, like they say, then we need to really see it. And if it wasn’t, then it’s going to be some more bombing. I don’t think it will be any problem in showing it. It’s just like if you cut the head off a snake; it’s just going to grow it back and somebody else going to take his place. So, we gotta really see because they did it too fast. They killed him; they put him down. We didn’t see nothing. So, we don’t know. This could be a lie.”

Jay Anderson

“Yes, so that everyone will know that he is really dead, because a lot of innocent people got killed because of him. We need to see DNA evidence too. They (photos) might be gruesome; well, let the people decide if they want to see them or not. That’s something we need to know, because a lot of people got killed.”

Mike Butler

“I think they definitely should release the (photos of) the body of Bin Laden. Number one, because there are a lot of things going on that a lot of people are not aware of. The reason why I believe that it should be released is when 9/11 hit Ben Laden’s family was here and George Bush stopped all the airplanes, but he had a special plane to take Ben Laden’s family out of here without questioning them and sending them back. We need to have Bin Laden’s body seen on TV-no matter how gruesome it is because we don’t know what the government might be covering up.”

Tameka Harris

“I think they should release the photos of Bin Laden just to show us that they did do it. They said all over the news, but they can say anything through the news. Just show us, please. Thank you.”

Wanda Dunn

“I don’t think that should be necessary. I mean, he’s dead. They checked the DNA. I think that was sufficient. I just don’t think that would be wise to show such a gruesome situation because it will probably cause more pain. It will probably cause retaliation.”

Thomas Taylor

“Yes, I think they should; we want to really see if that was really him. It might be really gruesome, but we have seen gruesome stuff before, but we would like to know for sure.”

Patrice Pennington

“In the beginning when you first asked me that question, I said no, but when you think about it-yes. It should be shown because we done had people from our country taken over there and held hostage, and traumatic things have happened to them. My question to the government is: why is it that when things are going on, why do they take so long to respond? Why does it take for things to actually happen for them to respond? I think they knew about 9/11, and it could have been prevented. Seeing the body would bring a sign of relief to everyone to know that it’s over, and we can move on.”