Clarence Bridges

“I think we have Raging Bulls going all the way. I think we have a young team that’s gelling, and they know how to play together; so I believe we’re going all the way.”

Venus Myles

“We definitely got Raging Bulls. It’s our time, you know; it’s time to shine. It’s time to win. Let’s do it!”

Anthony Evans

“You know it’s Raging Bulls without a doubt. Championship in the house! Look out, MJ. Here comes D. Rose.”

Dante Jackson

“Raging Bulls. We’re going to go all the way. It’s inevitable. I say that because we’ve been winning so far. We’re almost undefeated, so I think we’re going all the way.”

Michael Finning

“We’ve got Baby Bulls. Baby Bulls ain’t on nothing. Chicago’s Bulls ain’t on nothing. Just cause Taj Gibson dunked on Dwayne Wade, that don’t mean nothing. It’s finna be war. I say no, we ain’t gone win. Down with the Bulls!”

Sara Epinger

“Raging Bulls. Oh yeah, we’re gonna win. I got faith in our Bulls. I really do. I like to watch them. I think they’re pretty good.”

Derric Runles

“I say Raging Bulls because Derrick Rose is fresh out, and he came in the game, and he’s bringing it home. We got Booze and a couple of other people, and we’re undefeated. So we’re bringing it home!”

Marquis Patterson

“We got Raging Bulls. We’re going all the way. The Bulls are going all the way. We’re gonna merk the Heat and we’re gonna do what we got to do. We’re going all the way!”

Sandra Pinkerton

“We’re going all the way. We got Raging Bulls because they have been winning all the games. So in my opinion, they’re gonna win the series. They’re going to take the heat out of the Heat. Like Jordan and those Bulls used to do. They’re back on the ball again.” 

Andrew Henderson

“Raging Bulls because they got the nucleus down since Michael’s gone. The team is built up. They got the Coach of the Year. They got the squad now to take it all the way. So we got it. They’re gonna get by Miami, and in the finals, they’re going to give a good fight before they go down, but I think we’ll go on and pull it out because the East is stronger than the West anyway.”