Trevor Esper

“I say no because of the crime out there. It will just add more to it.  It might bring jobs, but it’s the upper class jobs and that leaves us out.”

Anthony Smith

“Yes, I think we should bring Casino gambling to Chicago because it will help create jobs.  I think the mob might get involved like they always do.  I would be in support of it.”

Talanda Burton

“I’m up in the air with that. One, I say yes because it may bring jobs. Two, I say no because there are other, better things we can do with that money to improve Chicago like building playgrounds or (creating) programs for the kids to give them something to do.  To beautify Chicago because the streets are messed up.”

Monica Rice

“I really don’t care because I don’t too much gamble, so it really doesn’t bother me. I’m not concerned about the crime it might bring because I don’t really care.”

Jeffrey Burton

“I think it’s a good idea because it will bring more employment to the city and revenue to the city where it can help create more programs for the kids.  So, if we bring the (casino) money into the city, we can use it for better purposes.”

Jeanette Latoya Steels

“I say yes because I think it will bring a lot of jobs to Chicago. And, I also think we won’t have to pay for those trolley buses to go to this place and that place. And, we don’t have to buy those scratch offs anymore. We can go straight to the casinos.   I don’t think it will bring any crime element because I’m quite sure they’ve got security.”

Kenneth Thomas

“No, because the Mob is going to control it, and it will get out of hand.  You know, it’s political, so I don’t know.”

Joseph Phillips

“Yes.  I guess it will help with the revenue and the problems with the city. It will bring jobs as long as it keeps the mobsters out. I’d  like to see them put it downtown somewhere because that’s where all the money  is  at anyway.”