I am in complete agreement with you Arlene [Goodbye, Mayor Daley, and good riddance, Arlene Jones, May 12]. Daley has bankrupted this city-his private Chinese deals; his French bus stops that could have been built by Chicago iron fabricators. But most of all, he avoided being arrested by hiring the FBI agent assigned to investigate himself. How do you search for hidden bank accounts in China?

Richard Wallace

I agree. People say that this town wouldn’t be what it is if it weren’t for Daley, and I say that’s true. This town would have done much better without Daley holding it back. We would probably be bigger and cleaner than NYC… also the segregation? Reading this column only made me feel more anger. But I’m sure he is very proud of himself, at least he can do commercials with William Shatner and Walter E. Smithe.

Richard L.

I’m glad he’s gone. Now that Daley has made his transition, what impact do you think this will have on black faith-based institutions (poverty pimps), and tax dollars allocated based on political affiliations rather than measurable results?

Carmella Lewis