Loretta A. Ragsdell ask:

Garfield Park Golden Dome Lake Street and Central Park

Dewarin Powell

“I just want to say, Happy Father’s Day. My father is cool. He is my best friend. We do lots of fun things together.”

Gregory Modeste

“When I think about fathers, not only on Father’s Day but 365 days in our communities, our children really have not had an opportunity to grow into adulthood, because there is no one there teaching them. That’s been one of the hardest things in our community that has really stifled our growth. The problem of not having men in place to show boys how to be men will cause some of them to fall into the cracks. For me, a father is just putting the energy into these kids to help them get to where they need to go.”

Devon Moore

“I’d like to say that my father is nice. He is kind, and he is a lot of fun. When he comes over, he takes me places and buys me things. I love him.”

Ron Smith

“I can always remember my dad doing the right things for his kids, keeping a roof over our heads, feeding us, making sure we get to school on time. He was there at a time when a lot of fathers weren’t there. We had somebody to look up to. He lived in the house with us, my mom and my dad. Unfortunately, he died at an early age in his 70s. My dad was a great guy in his own way.”

Kelley Veal

“My father, Mitchell Veal, is a strong man, and I love that about him. He taught me how to be strong and to overcome any trials, and I love him for that. The greatest lesson he ever taught me was strength. He had a stroke and he fought through it and came back. He worked very hard and he still does.”

Maurice McCaster

“You can have the best father in the world and he could do everything for you, yet we never know how the individual is going to turn out. I was not raised by my biological father. I really didn’t know him. My mother was my mother, my father, my everything.”