It’s time! After watching how this society has become more tolerant of things that just a mere 30 years ago would never be spoken about in “polite” company, it is time for the last bastion of social morality to fall.

As a society, we now tolerate, support and encourage gambling. The state’s sanction of it can be seen in its support of the lottery and casinos. Even homosexuality is no longer taboo. Just last month, the state authorized “gay” marriage.

So why is it that the final moral taboo has yet to fall? That taboo has also been defined as the oldest profession known to mankind. Yep … you got it! I want to know how come we haven’t legalized prostitution.

We live in a society that uses sex to sell everything. There are commercials on television for little blue pills to combat male impotency. Yet the actual physical act between a consenting adult male and female that includes the exchange of money is illegal. Why? Sex is as natural a function as our desire to eat and drink. One only has to look at the number of unwed mothers to know the act is widespread. So why haven’t we had the political and moral fortitude to remove the criminalization aspect of it?

Every chance I get, I like to look at the mug shots that the daily papers print of individuals who have been caught in the commission of a crime. It never fails that the most pathetic of them are the ones who have been busted for “solicitation.” They are men whose biological needs have them out looking for a female to fulfill them. They troll the areas where prostitutes stroll and where police also set up stings. When they have the misfortune of trolling during sting time, they end up in the paper and in the news.

The state of Nevada has had legalized prostitution for years. In the past, we would throw our noses up in the air and declare ourselves to be morally superior to those heathens out west. But over the past decade, many of the moral lines that used to separate us have worn away. Nevada’s reputation as hosting “sin city” has gotten so cleaned up that Vegas is now a family destination.

So why is it that Chicago and Illinois proper is still in the business of telling men and women that they cannot charge, or get paid for, sexual encounters when both parties are adults and willing participants?

One of the benefits of legalized prostitution is that we can eradicate the street hustlers. We can also better medically monitor women who are engaging in sex for sale. We can get prostitutes off the street-stroll and put them into a controlled environment where children don’t have to be exposed to their antics. We can also tax the money the prostitutes make as well as offering a special license to those who want to run a Madame’s house.

I cannot think of any reasons why prostitution should remain a crime. Perhaps if certain men had had the ability to visit a prostitute, we wouldn’t have so many out-of-wedlock children whom the fathers deny simply because the woman was a “booty call” and not someone he wanted to be the mother of his child.

This column is throwing down the gauntlet for discussion. Please note that I am addressing the issue of adult prostitution. But not off the table is the additional topic of male prostitution. Just like men, there are women who want sexual companionship and have the money to pay for it. Where do you stand on this issue? Feel free to call in this Sunday night to the Garfield Show and give me your opinion. That’s 1450 AM from 10 until midnight. The internet address is