Diamond Rainge

“No, you shouldn’t keep a secret no matter what because the person that told you the secret, their life could be in danger. Somebody could be hurting them, and it’s good for someone to know, so they can get help. A personal secret, I will keep, but not in a life and death situation.”

Shannon Satterfield

“Yes, you should keep a secret no matter what because it’s about honesty and trust. It’s between you and whoever told you the secret because if they trust you to keep it, then they must trust you. You should keep a secret about them and their personal life. If it gets out, then you are not trustworthy and you’re not honest. I wouldn’t keep a secret if someone might get hurt, or if their life is depending on it because we should all try and watch out for each other.”

Maila Crosby

“It depends on what the secret is. If you have to tell a friend, I think you should do whatever is necessary to protect your friend. If it’s life threatening, or you feel somebody is talking about your friend; I think you should go tell your friend.”

Verniqua Ayers

“No, I don’t think that you should because if a person trusted you enough and told you something, you should keep that secret to yourself. If it was a situation or a possibility of someone killing someone, then I wouldn’t keep that to myself, but if it’s just a personal secret, I think I should keep that to myself.”

Savannah Brown

“It depends on what the secret is. If the secret is serious enough, or if it puts somebody’s life at risk or in harm, then you can go to the police and they can protect you. You might not be in harm, but if someone else is, you should definitely tell it.”

Erica Davis

“No, I don’t think you should keep a secret no matter what. It depends on if the secret is serious enough for you to tell someone. Like if someone tells you that she got raped or she is being abused by someone like her father; I think you should tell because it’s important to tell someone. The friendship is important too, but in a situation like that, I think you should tell someone.”