Legalizing prostitution won’t save the children

Arlene, here we go again [Why not legalize the oldest profession? Arlene Jones, June 23]. Several weeks ago, I had a documentary showing called Very Young Girls. The documentary describes the sexual exploitation and commercialization of young girls introduced into the sex industry. The average age of a female prostitute is 12 years old. The point of showing this documentary is to explain what is going on in our community and come up with ideas or programs for prostitutes and Johns. Legalizing it is going to open up a new can of worms. The Austin community has the highest prostitution arrest out of 77 communities in the city of Chicago. Families and churches are not talking about this issue and I think we need to address this problem.

What about the media and the songs they play on the radio? [Many of the lyrics] are in sexual nature and these artists call it entertainment. Please! When does a video vixen become a professional career? There are true arguments about why it should be legal, however what about the children that are going to be exposed to the game? What about the pimps that beat their prostitutes and don’t get charged with assault? My suggestion is to go to Ashanti House in the Austin community and talk to some of them.

Roman Morrow

Just go for it

As a student in high school, I think this story is so important to show that you should go for it if it is what you want to do despite the odds [Tomorrow’s leaders here today, June 30]. Good Job! Great Story!

Hannah Walrath

Robber stole not only my car, but my life

I am the owner of the stolen vehicle [7-Eleven robbery suspect charged, July 7, 2010]. I’m disappointed in Chicago Police due to the fact that I reported aggravated assault, kidnapping, and armed robbery weeks before the 7-Eleven robbery. This man kidnapped me in my own car, hit me several times with a taser gun and left me at a Chicago gas station in the middle of the night. I will continue to pray for this young man even though I am scarred with the pain he has caused me. He robbed my children of their Christmas, leaving me with no vehicle, phone or money. Chicago Police claimed they looked for my car high and low only to find him driving around, robbing a 7-Eleven and months later parking tickets proved my car was parked a few houses down from his home. Please explain to me how you feel this man is well mannered and in good spirits?


Inspired by the small victories 

Glad to hear about Jackie and the victories she’s helped people score [Community organizing – Jackie’s way, June 30]. Now I will think of her every time I ride the Green Line! And maybe not get disillusioned with defeats every now and then.

Bonni McKeown

Congrats to Finisha

Congratulations Finisha [Austin Weekly News wins big at IPA awards, June 16]! Keep up the good work. Good job!

Blanca Macias

Brave and bold

Thank You for telling the truth, and opening the right door for dialogue regarding this issue [Desperate times, desperate measures, Arlene Jones, June 16].  You are right on the money, thanks for being brave.


Makeover a must

It’s really needed for the community [A makeover for Austin Town Hall? May 12]. Just do!

Lelia Blocker
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