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Demetria Lucas details life after college as a single woman in A Belle in Brooklyn. The Essence Magazine relationship editor and single-life blogger,, shares funny anecdotes and heartfelt advice on living the single life. Reminiscent of the Candace Bushnell’s Carrie Bradshaw, Lucas narrates her experiences as a heroine looking to live her life outside prescribed parameters. Her story relates dating twists and turns and a strategy for being yourself while still enjoying the companionship of others. A Belle in Brooklyn is this summer’s must-read guide for the dating, single woman.

Career climbing

Lucas advises that women follow their dreams. While partying after college and meeting new people, she was enjoying herself but missed life in New York. Just as she was meeting a guy she might have an interest in, a job option she’d been waiting for came through a call from New York. She had to tell the guy she was leaving and wisely jumped on the career opportunity she had been working toward. She took the job that would remove her from exile and landed herself into a busy life in New York.

For Lucas, life in New York is about knowing the right people and being in the right place. Every night an industry party kept her busy. Mingling with her mentor, Dakar, took her to late-night, hot parties where she made career contacts. However, she learns a valuable lesson about trusting men when a late night and too much to drink leaves her a damsel in distress at the mercy of Dakar.

The party girl

Lucas continues to enjoy the single life after a costly mishap but becomes more cautious. A roundtable of men provides her with intimate details about men’s desires and behavior. Her personal man squad man up about everything from condom usage to men faking it in bed. Still living the night life, Lucas uses the information to determine the type of men she will date.

She runs into Evan, an older man with mature friends who enjoy marriage and parenting. When the relationship with Evan starts to build, Lucas backs off after a proposal leaves her thinking she does not want marriage just yet.

She moves back to the party life, prompting her dad to speak to her about aging. Her party-girl behavior will garner her a reputation in his eyes, but Lucas feels the same lifestyle that a man would lead would not generate the same concern. She continues on her single woman journey, working on her career and personal happiness.

Dating pointers

Lucas continues her journey as a single woman. Her lifestyle is a choice to be alone but not lonely. She spends her time traveling and gaining information about personal development and seeking the right mate. Her dating raises issues of dating with honor, being ready to date and working on yourself, and empowering yourself through dating. Lucas touches on key points from other authors and also mentions entertaining books and movies that made a difference in her life.

A common theme with Sex and the City is her relationship with Greg. That relationship and the ins and outs of Greg’s effect on her life play a key role throughout the book, giving a Mr. Big feel to his character. Lucas explores dating though Greg seems to be ever present in her life at important occasions.

A Belle in Brooklyn is a touching story about Lucas and her journey through dating. Her experiences become tips for black women on what to do and not to do.

Angelic Jones is a freelance writer for Austin Weekly News.


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